Eco Energy Tech

Our target

A modern company of the XXI century is not just about the newest product lines and software. Innovation in the modern concept means also developing for ecology and economy. Recent years have plagued the world economy by the financial crisis, and the world became fixated on ecology. So to follow the development of civilization we have to develop the adaptability of our enterprise to the changing global conditions together with the technology. Eco Energy Tech is a fusion of experience and knowledge, innovation in ecology matters and energy production. It is also acting for increase of efectiveness and economy of our company and customers.

We are scientists, engineers, merchants and leaders with passion and the purpose that motivates us is to create products with the highest degree of innovation that are as effective as economically and ecologically useful. With the awareness of the limitations posed by nature itself, we try to deepen its processes and take advantage of the right order and even help its positive activity.

Everything created in passion, has the result even better when more thoughtful and refined. Our products must meet the high expectations of not only our customers but also to meet the requirements and legal aspects, in the field of our action.

Our work is rewarded. We win prizes from the best institutions in Poland and abroad. But the most important award for us is the satisfaction and sometimes even some kind of delight our customers. Is our best motivation!

Main premises

Our company is engaged in highly specialized research in ecology, production of fuels, electricity and heat. We implement the results of our studies by creating well tested and patented products to provide them to our individual and institutional customers. We cooperate with power plants, sea and land transport companies, municipalities and companies carrying out the purifying of water and keeping of landfills.

We focus on improving of performance and environmental indicators. We are introducing waste disposal technology using processes occurring naturally and supporting their action. We protect the land and the sea water. We carry out research on desalination of water, the fight against algae and blue-green algae.

Eco Energy Tech has been cooperating for years now with the Maritime Academy in Szczecin and the Oil and Gas Institute – the eldest national research institute. Products of Eco Energy Tech are tested by many specialists and scientists in Poland and abroad. Everyone confirms the effectiveness and security of products and technologies offered by the company Eco Energy Tech.

Our team

Vitaly I. Kalchenko, Prof., Dr hab. - science & lab
Oksana Balanda, Ph. D. – microbiology – science & lab
Olga Marczenko, Ph. D. – science & lab
Volodymir Kryshtal, Ph. D. – science & lab
Daria Łapczyńska – management
Zbigniew Serafinowski – management

Academic partners

Eco Energy Tech is engaged in research and development activities and environmental projects. We take part in science conferences and present our point of view. We represent the polish technological idea on foreign missions along with the Polish Ministry of Environment in the farthest places in the World. Our activity spectrum starts deep underground and ends up high in the atmospheric layers.