Eco Energy Tech
We focus very intensive on the improvement of energetic indicators and exhaust emission indicators for marine units of polish and world fleets. The implemented product – the combustion catalyst for liquid fuels – causes astonishing positive results. The long cooperation with Marine University in Szczecin and with one of the world’s leader in the sea transport of dry cargo, resulted with a leadership in the polish market in this field.

By focusing on the science and innovativeness we want to take care of our environment by achieving positive economic goals as well.

1. Our fuel products are divided into:

2. Technologies based on the ECOBIOSED® product line is a comprehensive solution to a number of environmental problems.

The biggest problem of environmental protection, which is today the major threat to human - is the contamination of soil, water and air with toxic substances of anthropogenic origin (municipal waste, petroleum products, pesticides, heavy metals and others). The consequence of such pollution are disturbances in the natural processes of repair and regeneration of ecosystems, leading to the total environmental degradation. We must remember that negative environmental effects will be a problem of our descendants!
The developed by Eco Energy Tech new environmental technologies based on the line of products ECOBIOSED® are very effective in improving of degraded ecosystems and restoring the natural biological functions.
The advantages of implementation: ECOBIOSED® - an innovative comprehensive line of products, which contain special additives, allowing the activation of the local microflora capable of biological degradation of organic pollutants, without creating toxic decomposition products. The preparation ECOBIOSED received international recognition in the competition for environmental projects GreenEvo-2013.
ECOBIOSED® is not toxic and is safe for humans and the environment!


Neutralisation / Disposal landfill.

The developed innovative method of deep bioremediation of landfill sites is a comprehensive solution for landfills and is based on a controlled acceleration of the natural process of biodegradation in the whole volume of pollution, which provides full cleaning area during 3-6 months.

Elimination of toxic industrial pollution.

ECOBIOSED® contains special additives to improve the growth of indigenous microorganisms capable of bio-destruction of impurities in the substrate. It effectively decomposes organic compounds and distorts the attraction of dirt to the surface by electrostatic neutralization of the internal forces.

Stabilization of biological waste water and sewage sludge.

Waste generated in the process of municipal wastewater treatment, including sewage sludge is dangerous due to the presence in their structure of heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms, as well as high concentrations of toxic substances. The use of innovative ECOBIOSED preparation of biologically active additives allows for neutralization and disposal of accumulated sediment deposits and the elimination of nuisance odors associated with the operation of the plant.

Revitalization of water reservoirs.

A new generation ECOBIOSED-water is intended to revitalize of old biologically, eutrophic, degraded water reservoirs, as well as those tanks that have been contaminated as a result of anthropogenic and industrial activity. The biopreparation contributes to the effective elimination of environmental consequences of organic, biogenic and anthropogenic pollutants, including eutrophication of water reservoirs. At the same time it restores the biological balance, improves metabolic processes and self-cleaning of ponds. As a result of the revitalization process of water using ECOBIOSED-water ponds can be used for recreational purposes, as well as fish farming.

The processing of agricultural waste.

Our latest achievements in the field of biotechnology is a preparation ECOBIOSED-plant, which is a complex product of the fermentation of microorganisms with enzymatic latest additions for fast and safe processing of organic matter. The use of biologicals ECOBIOSED-plant having the ability for composting organic material, allows the production of high quality organic fertilizer, free of pathogens, parasites and weed seed vital up to 10 times faster.
Finally resulting product greatly exceeds other organic fertilizers, both in terms of quality and impact on crops and soil and at the same low cost of production of fertilizer allows for price competitiveness in the market. The technological process of processing of the material differs from the existing technology with a simple integrated approach.

Bioconversion of Household Solid Waste on landfills Conversion of manure and poultry Bioremediation of sewage sludge Decontamination of hydrocarbon pollution

3. Individual designed plants