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bioconversion of HSW

Nowadays the problem of ecological hazard in the sphere of household solid wastes (HSW) treatment is very urgent all over the world. The systems, applied for their processing through removal to the sanitary landfills (polygons), composting and incineration, are not ecologically friendly and economically justifying. The ecological and sanitary hygienic consequences from disposal of rubbish will appear not at once but in some years or even decades. The wrong disposal of waste is first of all the problem of our descendants!

In this case, the application of advanced biotechnologies that use innovative agents, which assist the acceleration of organic part decomposition, and, accordingly, full decrease of sanitary epidemiological hazard for human, while processing HSW is of great practical interest.

ECOBIOSED®-Waste - is an innovative product that contains special additives in its composition, which allow using it on a many-sided basis, including for bio-destruction of household wastes. The product is completely safe for humans and the environment. All the components are of organic nature and easy to degrade!
The suggested innovative method of bioremediation is a complex solution for utilization of HSW landfills and is based on controlled acceleration of natural biodegradation processes within the whole volume of contamination, provides with the complete cleaning of territory, as well as guaranteed restoration of soil functions during 3-6 months.

The advantages of this technology include:

Economic efficiency in application of ECOBIOSED®-Waste:

organic waste treatment

Agriculture generates a huge amount of waste, mostly these are: Even if the amount of agricultural waste is significantly smaller compared with municipal or industrial waste, in a long-term the risks associated with contamination of the environment are high. They may for example cause contamination of water and soil or animal manure can be the source of dangerous pathogens.

ECOBIOSED® is an environmentally friendly biopreparation acting as compost activator that increases the speed and efficiency of aerobic decomposition of waste. It contains special additives having the ability to cleave organic substrates, such as cellulose, lignin, protein, fiber and other.

A method based on the action of the preparation ECOBIOSED® is useful for natural materials of organic origin such as poultry droppings, straw, green waste, manure, sawdust and other bio-waste from farms. In order to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter, and remove odors from 1 tonne of waste to be added the ECOBIOSED® concentrate diluted with chlorinated hot water to the composted waste with humidity around 55-60%. The composting process based on the above recommendations is shortened to 6-8 weeks. The result is a product – a loose bio-compost in the form of a homogeneous mass in dark brown to black color. The application of the obtained compost for cultivation guarantees the ecological purity of agricultural products.

Characteristics of the obtained bio-compost: The resulting compost can be used at any time of the year for all types of soils and to every culture. Plants grown using biocompost are stronger, healthier and more resistant to stress conditions (extreme temperatures, droughts, pests and diseases).
sewage sludge treatment

Currently one of the biggest environmental problems is waste produced during wastewater treatment, especially sewage sludge. Most of the existing wastewater treatment plants have problems with their removal and disposal from technical and economic reasons. Excessive storage of sludge leads to dangerous situations in the environment due to the presence in their structure of heavy metals and toxic and pathogenic micro-organisms

At the same time with the right approach to the treatment of sewage sludge it constitutes valuable source of organic fertilizers and can be used to maintain the fertility of land.
Our innovative integrated preparation ECOBIOSED® enables the processing of sewage sludge into a completely safe for humans and the environment bio-compost.

Use of the preparation ECOBIOSED® allows to:
The product of processing of sewage sludge is a bio-compost suitable for use in agriculture, restoration of degraded and post-performance land.