bioremediation of grounds and water of oil pollution

Every year all over the world as a result of anthropogenic activities are generated huge amounts of harmful substances into the soil, water and atmospheric air. Contamination of soil by xenobiotics (petroleum products, heavy metals, pesticides and other complex organic compounds) causes large, often irreparable damage and, consequently, degradation of the environment. It has been found that in the case of pollutants in the soil as a result of industrial emissions the intensity of biological processes is weakened. Proof of this is mainly a change in the number of soil microorganisms and the weakening of their enzymatic activity, and thereby disruption of the natural processes of regeneration occurring in the soil.

Only a small part of the total population of bacteria in the soil has the ability to use industrial pollution as a source of energy and carbon.

The limited population of bacteria in combination with the lack of stimulating factors reduce the efficiency of biological decomposition and regeneration, so the process can drag on for decades without any guarantee of success.

The latest biotechnological achievements of the company Eco Energy Tech are based on the development of formulations that are activators of soil microorganisms which are capable to degrade xenobiotics. Our innovative complex product ECOBIOSED® allows biological degradation of organic pollutants (petroleum products, pesticides) and heavy metals without producing toxic compounds. ECOBIOSED® contains special additives to enhance the growth of specific microorganisms in the soil that are capable to destruction of xenobiotics. The product also interferes with the surface attracting of the contaminants, by neutralizing internal electrostatic forces. High efficacy of the product is confirmed by tests in the industrial environment: on landfills, in the sewage sludge processing, in the preparation of composts and other. ECOBIOSED® is completely safe for humans and the environment!

The advantages of using the product: