Eco Energy Tech

ecoNRGpower - an innovative chemical product that enhances the combustion efficiency of hydrocarbon fuels (coal, gas, heavy and light oils). A non toxic and not classified as dangerous for human health and environment. And with significant anti-corrosive properties.

Why all so far available fuel additives turned out to be uneffective?

The previously adopted assumption – to change the fuel properties – is wrong!! Untill today only the company Eco Energy Tech – after years of experience – extended an innovative idea, to influence the fuel combustion process on the molecular level and additionally eliminated other additive’s common problems with adopting the product in liquid fuels, by developing ecoNRGpower.

Our latest product CATALYST ecoNRGpower has been tested for many years in both on the road and with the participation of engineers and scientists from several universities as well as on vessels and other driving units. This allows us to offer a well proven catalyst for the combustion of fuels for use in diesel-powered units, energy furnaces and industry. An important aspect of the use of the catalyst in road and sea transport is also its significant impact on improving condition and a sharp reduction in the wear of the diesel particulate filter. The Catalyst changes the combustion process directly in the engine and prevents the formation of particulate matter PM, preventing their accumulation in the filter. Significant is also it's impact on reducing fuel consumption up to 12% and improving the performance of mobile units.


It was primarily invented for use in industrial furnaces on solid and gaseous fuels, such as coal and gas. After succesful implementations we started tests on liquid fuel as a reply on the market. This is how a completely NEW PRODUCT was obtained - suitable for implementation on all kinds of liquid fuels - ecoNRGpower.

Liquid fuels of all kinds, ex.:
Diesel Oil
Unleaded fuel
Heavy fuel

ecoNRGpower catalyst used as a supplement for hydrocarbon fuels is an active substance reducing the carbons surface tension, causing complete combustion of soot and naphthalenes. ecoNRGpower catalyst does not impair the physicochemical properties of the fuel, it reduces severely the emission of PM particles (soot), HC hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide CO. Under the influence of ecoNRGpower the speed of the chain reaction of the combustion process changes. Used in engines operating on diesel fuel it's consumption decreases in the range from 4% to 12% depending on the operating point of the engine in comparison with base fuel with no addition.

Engines operating on heavy oil and diesel in particular:
Road transport
Rail transport
Maritime transport
Boats and ferries
Military fleet
Construction machines


Why would you need it?

  • the most innovative and technologically advanced
  • the lowest costs
  • the highest efficiency – one liter is sufficient for over 80 tonnes of liquid fuel!
  • more comprehensive action
  • many studies to confirm its operation
  • the easiest implementation
  • the most environmentally friendly. Mix of fuel with catalyst guarantees instantly getting the most effective & environmental friendly fuel quality Worldwide.
  • catalyst reduces the most harmful exhaust gasses such as CO , N2, CO2 emitted from the combustion process.
  • catalyst is a fuel preservative. It removes oil & fuel bacteria. By adding the Catalyst to the liquid fuel it's possible to extend storage of the petroleum in the same tank up to 5 times longer period than recommended up to now, without any possible chemical changes to the fuel structure and or quality, by damaging by fuel bacteria.
  • no corporate competition in regards of quality of fuel after mix with catalyst
  • great attractiveness for direct customers is saving on fuel costs.  The largest reduction in fuel consumption
  • nothing is better on the World market for higher quality fuel and environment  
  • reduces the consumption of diesel particulate filter
  • reduction of quantity of combustion products entering the lubrication system
  • lack of deposition of unburned parts in the combustion chamber
  • increased amount of heat energy (working)
  • improving the efficiency of the engine and it’s performance

ecoNRGpower is the most environmentally friendly and helps keeping the engine in the best condition due to the biggest reduction of combustion products and total reduction of unburned parts in the combustion chamber.